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Compass Learning LogoNavigator is Compass Learning’s thought-leadership blog intended to help inspire and motivate educators to discuss and effect change in the education sector. We hope to create a vibrant conversation that helps empower educators with shared, innovative ideas and insights that they can use to both engage students in learning and support academic achievement and personal growth.

You won’t find us talking much about our products or services here. Rather, we will share useful information, as well as help link and share insight into other online sources of knowledge. We also will join a vibrant conversation about the educational issues that affect our children and our country.

The opinions expressed on Navigator are the authors’ and are not necessarily reviewed in advance by anyone but the individual authors. Neither Compass Learning nor any other party necessarily agrees with them. From time to time non-employee authors will express views in guest posts or the comment section. Those opinions are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or positions of Compass Learning, Inc.