SXSWedu Conference Goers Get to the Core

Some 4,000 educators, policy makers, and education industry leaders and entrepreneurs attending SXSWedu 2013 are buzzing around the Austin Convention Center and adjacent downtown Hilton collaborating and innovating to improve the education system in America.

In his SXSWedu conference presentation titled, “Explore the Core,” Gavin Payne of the Council of Chief State School Officers took advantage of this captive, engaged education audience to urge action. He provided session attendees with a half dozen action items they could take back to their respective communities to advocate for successful Common Core State Standards implementation.

Payne encouraged all to:

  1. Engage deeply in the public dialogue on the aspirations for our kids
  2. Talk to districts about partnerships to help students and parents know what it takes to be career and college ready
  3. Advocate for high-quality education and investment with state elected officials
  4. Insist that the standards are implemented with fidelity
  5. Help students and educators use different approaches to learning
  6. Help prepare the public for different test scores

Stay tuned for more information about Common Core coming out of SXSWedu sessions.

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