Erasing Standardized Test Requirements?


Students in the class of 2014 will be busy this fall writing college essays, building their resumes, and applying for admission to schools on their wish list.

One thing they may not have to worry about, though, is including an SAT or ACT score in their applications. Much to the surprise of students and parents, a growing number of universities are moving to a “test-optional” approach.

Check out this Huffington Post blog, written by Roger Ochoa.

Do you think college applicants should be required to share standardized test scores? Why or why not? Tell us in the Comment field below.

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  • Reply August 11, 2013


    I like the idea of “test optional.” We have known for a long time that looking at kids with one measure is not only poor practice but discriminatory (remember IQ Tests or height and weight minimums for fire fighters? other examples are in the Huffington blog). When students are allowed to show their strengths rather than their measurements, colleges will see beyond a number and learn about a candidate’s talents, values, and ethics. As an educator who has administered tests and a mother who has supported her child through a bad test score report, I am happy to see this change. I hope it is indicative of less emphasis on standardized test scores at all levels of K-12 education. Yes, a new trend in assessment policy!

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