SIS Integration Tools at SXSWedu


Tyler Bosmeny of Clever talks to Adrienne Albregts of Compass Learning at the SXSWedu Bloggers’ Lounge

Student Information Systems (SIS) have increasingly become a source of trouble for administrators who are desperately trying to keep student information (some of which can be highly sensitive) secure, while at the same time accessing the information for multiple applications and vendors across various platforms.

This year, solutions are to be had! Two young companies joined us in the Compass Learning Bloggers’ Lounge to talk to us about their integration software: LearnSprout and Clever.  Both companies are finalists with LAUNCHedu, represented in the lounge by enthusiastic folks who expressed a genuine wish to help today’s schools manage their student data.

Developers have the opportunity to use these platforms and give schools the kinds of tools they can use as part of holistic technology solutions—integrating disparate applications and syncing data securely to ensure that students, parents, teachers and administrators are all working together seamlessly.

So many educational processes can be facilitated with technology, but if the access to data is not streamlined, it can end up making everyone’s job much harder than it needs to be—and if technology isn’t making our lives easier, can we really justify using it in the first place?

Author credit: Blogger, Amanda Quraishi.

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