5 Enriching Fall Fun Activities for the Classroom

Teachers: It’s that time of year again — time to engage your classroom in festive fun with these five fun and creative ideas:

  1. Have students document their learning goals and progress using PowerPoint or Prezi. Share their portfolios (or have students share them themselves) during fall parent-teacher conferences.
  2. Plan a special snack or treat that’s “fall”tastic!  Consider healthy options like mandarin orange packs with jack-o-lantern faces or pretzel spiders (check out more fall classroom party ideas here). Or go super sweet with pumpkin-shaped rice treats and green monster pudding!
  3. Work with your room mom to plan a fall celebration.  Simple class parties with food, activities (games and crafts) and story time make for a fun-filled day for students and parents! Don’t miss: Games, Activities & Crafts for Your Fall Class Party. (*Bonus: Encourage your room parent to organize parent volunteers online, quick and easy, with VolunteerSpot’s free online sign-up sheets*)
  4. Conduct min-lessons on fall science. Get outside and discuss the science behind seasons changing and colorful fall foliage – or try mad scientist classroom activities with homemade glow powder and monster slime.
  5. Bring in mystery and spooky tales for story time! Younger kids will like A Dark, Dark Tale by Ruth Brown and Bone Soup by Cambria Evans. Edgar Allen Poe tales and Coraline by Neil Gaiman are great chilling tales for older kids.

Classroom teachers: Have fun and spooky fall party ideas or great websites to share? We want to hear about them! Let us know your tips for fall in the comment section.

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