Show Them Some Appreciation: A Rethink of the Jelly-Jar Pencil Holder


It’s Teacher Appreciation Week again, and the internet is awash with clever and crafty gift ideas to show our everyday heroes just how important we think they are in our children’s lives. But it’s good to remember that teachers are people just like us, and they have lives away from schools and classrooms. For Teacher Appreciation Week this year, we’ve listed a few suggestions for thanking our teachers and letting them know that, you know, we KNOW!

Gift cards — Some people think of these as easy, not particularly thoughtful throw-aways, but gift cards are a great way to thank a teacher and show her or him that we recognize that life is not all chalkboards and spiral notebooks! And while gift cards for discount stores or department stores will no doubt be appreciated, try this twist for something a little different: how about a gift card for your local natural or organic grocery, yoga center, gourmet coffee shop, hand car wash, or bicycle shop? Show them you care about them beyond the school grounds!

Theater, concert, or sports tickets — You enjoy a great play, concert, or ballgame on a warm summer evening. You even share season tickets with your pals. In consultation with your favorite teacher, why not choose a convenient date and hand a pair of tickets over to him or her? It will almost certainly represent the unique gift among a sea of handmade thank-yous.

Restaurant gift certificate — When going for this option, think outside the (fast food) box. Why not treat that special teacher to a lovely evening for two with his or her significant other at a restaurant that you yourself find special? Or get on the web and find a new place in your town that’s garnering rave reviews but isn’t too expensive. Someplace that your favorite teacher might like to return to on their own.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts, but a little extra thought counts so much more.


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