Live from SXSWedu: “Yuck!” Documentary


“Yuck!” is a documentary by a fourth grader named Zachary Maxwell who lives in NYC and whose purpose is to uncover the lies about the foods that public schools promise to serve. I saw this film at the Alamo Draft House at during a SXSWedu session.

Maxwell argues that the foods that schools serve students do not correspond at all to the descriptions on the menus. Most of the time, the schools promise to serve, healthy, gourmet items, but the food only matches the description fifty-one percent of the time. Apart from that, schools’ food is loaded with additives and preservatives. The film made me reflect on my school and the fact that this is universal for the most part. Maxwell’s film was unlike any other I’ve seen. It was a short film; only twenty minutes, but it had a lasting impact. Maxwell used humor to grab the audience’s attention. He filmed secretly at school, and even got in trouble once. Very straight-to-the-point, that’s how Maxwell aimed to make his point. Zachary concluded that best lunch there is, is in a brown paper bag packed at home. A difference was made with this film. It showed that kids really do have thew power to make a difference, even in the food served at school.

Diego is a student at Del Valle High School. He is attending and reporting on SXSWedu as one of Compass Learning’s student correspondents.

Photo courtesy of Ben+Sam.

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