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Do you quickly reach for your phone in a rush to check in before your friends when going to a new venue? Do you give a silent (or not so silent) cheer each time you unlock a new badge? If so, then you probably know how valuable Foursquare can be when attending conventions and this year at SXSWEdu14 there will be plenty of opportunities to share what you are up to!

What is Foursquare?  It is a social networking location-based service that uses gamification to entice you to keep using it. You earn points and badges for checking in frequently or at specific types of businesses. If you check in enough, you can become the “mayor” of a certain area or location (most likely ousting the previous mayor).

There are many reasons to use it, besides becoming the mayor of that location, you can connect with friends, read tips and reviews, and even receive perks from some of the places you check in. It’s a great way to find out if a restaurant is dog friendly, see where your co-workers are really at when they call in sick, or find hip new places to visit in your neighborhood!

Compass Learning is hosting the Social Media Lounge at SXSWedu14, so don’t forget to check in there using the #SXSWedu14 and #socialedu14 hashtags and maybe we can reach ‘swarm’ status! Make sure to select the Facebook and Twitter icons before you check in so you can share your status with all of your social network peers!

If you don’t have Foursquare; download one of Foursquare’s mobile apps for your phone.



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