Back-to-School Apps for Student and Teacher

Whether a student is learning the alphabet or studying for the SAT, there’s an app for that! Teachers, too, have seemingly infinite teaching tools literally in the palms of their hands. In fact, there are so many great education apps out there it’s hard to know which ones to choose. To help you out, here’s our handpicked selection to ensure you get organized, stay productive, hone your skills, and continue to learn and grow.

Apps for K-5

K-5 App Pic

  1. Wee Alpha –An interactive book and learning app designed for toddlers or preschoolers and their parents to use together.
  2. Let’s Create! Pottery –Have your students create ceramics—without the mess! Put your clay on the virtual pottery wheel and start to craft. You can even glaze and fire your pottery to perfection.
  3. Grammar Jammers—Catchy animated songs and rhymes make English language arts exciting! Each animation unlocks a quiz. Answer all the quiz questions for all the Grammar Jammers’ topics and unlock an interactive reward.
  4. BrainPOP Featured Movie—Watch a different animated movie every day, then test your new knowledge with an interactive quiz!

Apps for High School

High School App Pic

  1. SAT Vocab- MindSnacks – This app includes games to build essential SAT, PSAT and GRE vocabulary for students preparing for exams,  as well as adults continuing their lifelong quest to become wordsmith wizards.
  2. Prompts – Say goodbye to writer’s block! This app is full of original creative writing prompts to ensure you never have a dull moment of writing.
  3. SuperNote- This app allows you to type, record, or doodle your notes and stay organized with color coded categories and built-in alerts. With 1,423 five-star reviews (!) it’s worth the $2.99.
  4. The Chemical Touch – A touch sensitive periodic table and chemical information companion, it provides a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Recolor the periodic table by selecting properties other than Atomic Mass to visually investigate periodic trends.

Top Five Apps for Teachers

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  1. Pick a Student –A simple app designed to help teachers pick students to help participate in class. It will randomly choose any student from the class, and ensures every student will be picked before any student is picked again.
  2. Remind 101 –This app allows you to send text message reminders about homework, tests, and special events to students and parents—all without students seeing your phone number, and vice versa.
  3. Too Noisy Pro—Teach your students how to use their “inside voices.” Set the app to the maximum acceptable noise level for your classroom. When it’s exceeded, the app will respond with an alarm.
  4. ClassDojo—Enter real-time data about student behavior by assigning points for teamwork, creativity, and more. Information can be shared with parents and other staff members.
  5. Scholastic Ideas to Go! –Search by subject and grade through more than 1,200 lesson ideas from Instructor magazine. Save your favorites in your personal library.

Do you have an education app you just can’t live without? Go on, add to our list in the Reply field below.

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