Integrating Web-Based Curriculum Into Instruction: A Thesis Project

Editor’s note: This post is part of a thesis project titled, Technology in Education. The purpose of this study was to determine if the use of integrating technology into the instruction of mathematics would positively effect student achievement.  The use of technology as an instructional tool positively impacts student scores.  CompassLearning Odyssey is used as a primary resource within this study.  In this study, students were administered pretests in an area of mathematics instruction, assigned to work in CompassLearning Odyssey in the same area of mathematics instruction, and then administered a post-test.  Pretest and post-test scores show a significant positive gain in student achievement in mathematics.

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As an elementary school teacher, I have had the opportunity to see students blossom when given a computer, a partner, and an assignment.  For example, I have given second graders a textbook with instructions to read a story.  The students were expected to comprehend the story by acting it out, discussing it with a group, answering comprehension questions, etc.  I observed some students perform fair and others perform better using these methods.  The same year, students were assigned a web quest, which is an inquiry-based lesson that involves the use of web resources, on weather instruments and assigned to work with a partner.

The students, while highly motivated, completed the task of reading several passages, answered questions correctly about what was read, constructed models of anemometers, psychrometers, barometers, and earned an above-average grade.  Not one student earned a grade lower than B on this assignment! Over the years, I have seen greater performance from students when technology is used to gather information as an instructional tool, than from students who gather information and learn from other sources, such as a textbook.   Which brings me to what I believe is a vital reason for doing this study.  I have a passion for technology, and its use to aid instruction.  Further, I am an advocate for its use in the classroom.  I have seen the effects of technology integration on student motivation, and how it impacts student performance, I believe it is a vital part of instruction in the classroom, as well as other educational settings. This is why I conducted research on Odyssey and wrote my thesis paper about it. The process and results of my research can be downloaded here: Integrating Web-Based Curriculum into Instruction Thesis.

Teachers: If you have concrete proof that educational technology in your classroom has a positive effect on student achievement, we want to hear from you! Please leave your story in the comment section.

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