Teacher Appreciation, Compass Learning® Style


Compass Learning is proud to continue to provide educators with the tools and resources needed to ensure student success and make the most of educators’ precious time and energy. Teachers make enormous sacrifices of their time and energy in order to help our young people make sense of an increasingly complex and challenging world and to prepare students for lives and careers that are evolving almost faster than we can imagine. That sacrifices ennobles the teaching profession, and we hope that our association with educators elevates what we do just a little, too.

To show our gratitude, and to help another outstanding teacher make that much more of a difference in our children’s lives, Compass Learning once again has joined with Live with Kelly & Michael to recognize a Top Teacher. For 2015, Compass Learning and Live with Kelly & Michael congratulate Tal Thompson of Lake Carolina Elementary Upper Campus in Blythewood, South Carolina! Mr. Thompson’s prize package includes computers and Compass Learning learning acceleration software for his entire class. View the video below, and join us in thanking Mr. Thompson and all the teachers who have touched the lives of our children.


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